Baan Pha Lai Community School

Project Overview

The Baan Pha Lai Community School provides preschool education to 80 indigenous children of a rural community near Chiang Dao, northern Thailand. Before 2014 there was no preschool. The children were unprepared for primary school and it was a challenge for them to keep up with their peers who had the benefit of a preschool education.

PCF supports the school’s operational costs. PCF also pays for the costs involved in getting government recognition for the school, which will result in government funding. Until then, PCF’s support allows these children to receive a quality preschool education, preparing them for a smooth transition into primary school.

Project Updates

In November 2019 we met with the school administrator for an update on the school’s performance and to learn how the process of getting government recognition and funding was going. We were happy to learn that progress had been made. Required land use permits had been submitted and are now awaiting approval - one of the final steps towards recognition.

After a few years of hard work, government funding seems to be within reach. We remain cautious as we do not know when this process will be completed and if all costs will be covered. In the meantime, we must ensure that the school can continue its operations.

During the meeting we also learned that there were not enough tables and chairs for all students to sit down to eat their lunch. Another issue involved the water tanks. These were exposed to direct sunlight, which made them wear out prematurely. A durable cover was needed to secure a longer lifespan. Fortunately, we quickly found someone to support these needs and both issues were resolved.

Facts & Figures

  • Partner: Inter Mountain Peoples Education & Culture in Thailand Association (IMPECT)

  • Project: Baan Pha Lai Community School

  • Location: Baan Pha Lai, Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

  • Period: 1 May 2020 30 April 2021

  • Beneficiaries: 80 students, four teachers, one

    cook/cleaning staff


The goal of the school is to provide quality preschool education that prepares 80 ethnic minority children per year for primary school. This is a first step to give these underserved children the prospect of a more dignified existence. The goal of the project is to secure funding for both the running costs for the school and for IMPECT’s advocacy activities to secure government funding soon.

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  • It’s clearly a total WIN already to go from a situation without having a school to the current situation of having one up and running, so from NO to YES is a super milestone in itself within this community! Great to have people supporting this initiative to keep this school (the children attending it) going forward, like for example this website takes a part in!


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