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Philanthropy Connections Foundation

Philanthropy Connections Foundation (PCF) is a non-profit organisation registered in the Netherlands and Thailand with a project office in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our mission is to help people in vulnerable situations create independent and dignified lives for themselves.

PCF is built on the premise that people and communities in vulnerable situations can create a more independent and dignified existence for themselves if they have access to the right support. We believe that local organisations are ideally placed to provide this support, as they understand the issues that face their communities, they know the local culture and they speak the local language. However, local organisations often do not have access to the external resources and funding they require to optimally support their communities.

We take a bottom-up approach to project implementation because it enables us to support exactly what the communities need. We do not have our own fixed ideas on what those needs are; instead we go to a village and listen.

When selecting a project, we conduct a thorough investigation and due diligence process to ensure the local organisation meets our criteria:

  • Has a presence within the community;

  • Has expertise in the field;

  • Works effectively and cost-efficiently;

  • Will be a reliable partner to us;

  • Offers high-quality service, and;

  • Does not discriminate based on race, gender or religion.

Once the organisation proves to meet these criteria, we research options and solutions to meet their needs. In most cases, we raise funds to support the projects of the organisations, but we also place and supervise volunteers, provide trainings and connect parties who offer complementary services or specialised expertise.

To ensure the most effective use of our support we continue to monitor and evaluate each project and provide reports to the sponsors involved. We communicate the developments and project progress via our newsletter, social media and website to keep everyone informed.

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