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Return Policy

 If you made a wrong decision or if an item does not meet the requirements, it may be returned for refund or exchanged for a coupon code with the same value. Let us know first before you send us the package. The shipping costs ( most of the time a post stamp ) are for the customer. The package must be send back to us within 3 days. 

To book your return, please email

You can return the items to:
Dr. Colijnstraat 83
3904 ER Veenendaal
The Netherlands
  • All products need to be unworn and in good state
  • Returns must be send back within 3 days
  • No make up, stains, damages and/or strong smells
  • All returns will be well inspected
  • If the return does not meet the above, it will be send back to you
  • Return costs are for your own account
  • Returns will be processed within 10 working days
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